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Dr. Jonathan Camp

Dr. Jonathan Camp was born in Denver, Colorado and raised on a small family farm in rural Utah where he spent his days as a young boy milking cows and riding horses. At fourteen his family moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. He attended undergraduate and medical school at the University of Utah. He then moved his own young family to San Diego, California where he completed a six-year residency training program in general orthopedic surgery at UCSD.

In 1987 he was chosen to complete a fellowship in Pediatric Orthopedic and Scoliosis Surgery at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas, Texas. After fellowship, Dr. Camp returned to San Diego to practice at the San Diego Children’s Hospital. In 1990 he moved to Las Vegas as the only pediatric orthopedic surgeon in Nevada. In 2001 Dr. Camp established Children’s Bone & Spine Surgery with the goal of providing an uncompromising standard of excellence to the families of southern Nevada in his chosen field of pediatric orthopedic and scoliosis surgery.

Dr. David Stewart

Dr. David Stewart was a national advance placement scholar and graduated from Brigham Young University in molecular biology after just two years with summa cum laude honors. He received his medical degree from the University of Colorado School of Medicine in 1999. He completed surgical internship and orthopedic surgery residency at the university of Texas Medical Branch. He is a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha medical honor society and received numerous awards for excellence in both clinical practice and medical research.

Dr. Stewart is fellowship trained in pediatric orthopedic and scoliosis surgery at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. CHLA is rated as one of the two largest centers for both pediatrics spine surgery and pediatric orthopedic oncology in the United States. Dr. Stewart is trained in the latest innovations in scoliosis surgery, fracture care, and general pediatric orthopedics. He enjoys working with children and strives to provide each child with the best possible care. 

Dr. Jason Nielson

Dr. Jason H. Nielson joins us after completing the only pediatric and adolescent sports medicine fellowship in the U.S.A. at Harvard’s Children’s Hospital. Under the tutelage if Dr. Lyle Micheli, one of the fathers of adolescent and pediatric sports medicine, and the many highly trained surgeons at Boston Children’s Hospital, Dr. Nielson is trained in treating acute and overuse injuries in the young athlete and children. As a covering physician of the Boston Ballet, Dr. Nielson also has a keen interest in dance medicine and hip arthroscopy.

Dr. Nielson holds an undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University. He completed medical school at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1999. He trained as an orthopedic surgeon at Montefiore Hospital in New York. He has been recognized at each level with awards of excellence. He has published many scientific articles and has written numerous chapters on orthopedic, sports and dance medicine topics. 

Dr. Deirde Ryan - Specializing in Neuromuscular and Alignment Disorders

Dr. Ryan is a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha  medical honor society and has received awards in clinical practice and medical research. She has published many scientific articles on orthopedics, trauma. and neuromuscular medicine topics such as Cerebral Palsy and Spina Bifida. She worked for 10 years at Children's Hospital Los Angeles as a pediatric orthopedic surgeon with a subspecialty in Gait Analysis. Dr. Ryan is trained in general ped iatric orthopedics. neuromuscular care, fracture care, limb length, and alignment disorders.

While working as a nurse. Deirdre became  interested in surgery and returned to attend 
Georgetown University Medical School. She then  went on to train in Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery.
Some Questions We Get Asked Often:
Our priority is to make sure that we help you address your concerns about you visit. At your first visit, here's what you can expect:
  •  What can you expect when you walk into the office for the first time?
Our front desk staff will greet you and ask you a few questions. They'll also ask you what you're interested in doing (buying, selling, or renting) , your name, email address, phone number, and address.
  •  How long does your appointment take?
We do our very best to schedule your appointment during a time when our normal client load is light so that you can get more time.
  • I’m Ready to Buy a Home. What’s the First Step?
While attending open houses is much more exciting than filling out paperwork, the first step a home buyer should take is getting pre-approved for a loan. This helps you determine how much house you can afford and set a firm budget. Sellers are also more inclined to take you seriously and consider your offer if they know the home is within your pre-approved limit.
  • How Does My Credit Score Impact My Home Loan?
When determining how much home you can afford and whether you are eligible for a home loan, a lender will look at your credit score. Typically, you need a score of 580 or higher to qualify, but it is recommended to have a 620 or higher. The higher your credit score, the better lending terms you may be eligible for.
  • How Many Homes Should I View?
There is no right or wrong number of homes you should view before making an offer. Some people find their dream home on day one while others house hunt for months. View as many as it takes to find the home that fits your needs.
  • How Do I Search For A Home?
Start by viewing MLS listings on a real estate database, such as Homes.com. Narrow down the results by searching for homes within your price range and with the desired number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Your real estate agent can also research homes and make recommendations based on your criteria.
  • How Safe Is The Neighborhood?
No one wants to live in a dangerous city, but your real estate agent can’t help you with this question. Due to the Fair Housing Act, a real estate agent cannot answer questions regarding crime statistics. Before starting your house hunt, research crime data for the cities and neighborhoods you are considering.
  • How Much Do Real Estate Agents Charge?
Typically, you aren’t paying a real estate agent to help you find your dream home. A home seller pays their real estate agent a percentage of the home sale price, and that agent pays the buyer’s real estate agent for bringing in the buyer. A standard commission is 6 percent of the transaction, which is split between the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent.
  • What Home Service Companies Are Available?
As Internet providers and home service companies vary by location, it is important to know what options are available and how to compare and save money on cable, satellite, or Internet services in your new area. Your real estate agent can also help you research your options.
  • What Should My Down Payment Be?
While it depends on the type of loan, most mortgage lenders require at least a 3-percent down payment, and FHA loans require a minimum of 3.5-percent down. The percentage you are required to put down will depend on your credit history, the type of property, and several other factors. In 2014, the average down payment was 14 percent.
  • How Long Does the Home-Buying Process Take?
The process varies significantly and depends on the state in which you are buying and the type of property you are purchasing. Once the seller has accepted your offer, it takes an average of 36 days to close. FHA and VA loans can take a few additional days, and short sales are notoriously slow, taking an average of 90 to 120 days to close.
  • How Will My Home Purchase Affect My Taxes?
There are a number of tax benefits to buying a home, but filing your taxes can be a lengthy process if you aren’t used to itemizing. You can deduct your mortgage interest payments, as well as property taxes, points paid at closing, interest on home equity loans, lines of credit, and other items. A tax professional can help you decide what to itemize.

Buying a home for the first time can be overwhelming. Working with an experienced real estate agent can help you navigate the world of real estate and address your questions.
  •  Where do I call to Schedule an Appointment?
Call our office at (555) 555-1212 anytime to schedule your appointment.

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